Murder Mystery

We cater for groups of between 10 – 24 at the Mowbray. For more information about our sister company, “The Mowbray Murders” go to the webiste:


Speak Easy, Die Easier

Set in the USA in the 1920s, this murder mystery plot will have all of your party taking part in what promises to be an enlightening evening of political intrigue as well as dodgy Italian American accents. It is the cheaper of our 3 plots as it features one actor to guide you and your guests thorough the night’s frivolities.

The Duke’s Will

Did the Duke die of natural causes or was his death more sinister? Robert de Mowbray, Duke of Yorkie, has dies and he has instructed his solicitor, Sam Christie, to assemble his good for nothing family and a bunch of business contacts and locals for the reading of his will. Watch how his family argue and fight amongst themselves as his wishes become clear. The question is then raised as to whether his death is not how it first appeared. One thing is certain — once murder is in the air — its contagious!

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Donation of Death

Mingle with the mob, schmooze with socialites, lounge with lords and make merry with the mayor as the great and good descent for the Benefit Dinner of the century. But beware it might not be just the food that’s to die for! The head of a local charity, The Green Coalition, has already got the chop (literally) and who knows who could be next? There is a lot of money at stake in tonight’s little fundraiser, not to mention sexual intrigue, political positioning and good old fashioned skulduggery.