Terms & Conditions

Privilege Club Terms & Conditions

  1. Membership to the Privilege Club is at the sole discretion of the management
  2. The membership card remains the property of the Mowbray and can be recalled at any time
  3. The scheme and any benefit of the scheme can be withdrawn at any time without notice
  4. The Mowbray is not responsible for any goods or services provided by third parties
  5. Only one membership can be issued per postal address
  6. Members must inform the Mowbray of their contact details and keep the Mowbray informed of any changes.
  7. Members will agree for the Mowbray and their privilege Club Partners to contact them with information on their products and services by whatever means
  8. The card is issued to the person(s) named on the account and is non transferable
  9. The Mowbray has the right to change or amend these terms and conditions without notice.